Registration for the 2024 Music Experiments

(Breyttu í íslensku neðst)

The semi-finals of the Music Experiments are held in Harpa March 10 to 13, and the finals are held on March 16. If an application is declined, the registration fee is refunded.
If you do not receive confirmation following your registration, please contact

Important Information

  • A registration fee of ISK 3,800 should be deposited to the following account: 0101-26-054777 ID No. 490695-2229.
  • Please reference the band name as a note to the deposit.
  • The registration is invalid if no payment is received.
  • Submitted demos are only required to meet minimum requirements.
  • The demos do not affect the assessment during the competition itself, we only consider the performance in the semi-finals and finals.
  • Submitted demos will be published on the Soundcloud page for the Music Experiments and will be accessible through the Music Experiments Website.
  • The Music Experiments follow the Reykjavík City’s Privacy Policy.


Registration ends at midnight on February 19, 2024.


Information related to participation in the Music Experiments

As part of the Music Experiments in 2024, we will be taking photos, videos and audio recordings of participants. These images and recordings of musical performances may be used for publication on television, radio, promotional material on social media, and the Music Experiments website.

Please note that this consent form does not affect the copyright of the music, which will remain entirely with the musicians.


Video and image publication on the Music Experiments website and in promotional materials

To comply with Act No. 90/2018 on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data, we require consent before publishing images and videos of participants for marketing purposes on the Music Experiments website and in published promotional materials. It is worth noting that taking footage at public events is generally permitted, especially if the footage captures groups or overviews. According to suggestions published on the Data Protection Authority’s website, it is not necessary for guardians to explicitly approve the taking of such footage or photos. Where guardians object to such photography or videography, the administrator will take those comments under consideration and evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

If video or audio recordings are to be used for purposes other than those set out in this consent, specific consent will be obtained for that use. We kindly ask you to confirm your consent below.

Please note that the media can be expected to take photos and videos in connection with the music festival. Such visits are always subject to permission from management, but participants may be in footage that appears in the media.

Registration opens February 5!