Priceless support

Priceless support from Pétur W. Kristjánsson's Memorial Fund.

Pétur Wigelund Kristjánsson, often referred to as Pétur poppari, was born on January 7, 1952, in Reykjavík and sadly passed away prematurely in 2004. Since 2012, winners of the Music Experiments have received generous amounts from a memorial fund established in his name. Pétur started in the band Pops shortly after his confirmation and from then on, there was no looking back.

The bands Pétur was involved in include Svanfríður, Náttúra, Start, and then the P-bands; Paradís, Póker, and Pelican which Pétur founded. With these bands, he made a significant impact on Icelandic music for decades as one of the most hardworking and colorful rockers in the nation.

Some well-known songs Pétur sang are Jenny Darling, Seinna meir, and Rabbits. He was always involved in music and frequently performed with various bands. For example, he made a comeback with the song Krókurinn with Sálin hans Jóns míns, the lyrics of which were based on Pétur's distinctive wording, and he also performed with Stjórnin and Gildran.  The last band Pétur founded was Gargið.

Pétur was a unique personality, sweet and free of any pretense. His long hair, Beatles shoes, and cool appearance in no way reflected the sincere and warm-hearted man that Pétur was. He was the life of every party, captivating people with his charisma, kindness, and entertaining nature.

Pétur had a talent for spotting promising musicians and helped many throughout his years in the music publishing industry. He started his career in a garage in the Laugarnes neighborhood in Reykjavík and thus knew firsthand the difficulties and everything involved in promoting oneself and one's music.

The Pétur W. Kristjánsson Memorial Fund was established to provide support to promising musicians, and winners of the Music Experiments receive support from the fund.