Lesa meira um 1994

1st place: Maus

2nd place: Wool

3rd place: FullTime 4WD

The following 27 bands competed: Bláir skuggar, Burp corpse, Cyclone, Dísel Sæmi, Embrace, Empty, FullTime 4WD, Gröm, Insol, Kaos, Kenya, Léttlynda rós, Man, Maus, Mound, Mósaík, Opus dei, Pýþagóras, Rasmus, Tennessee trans, Thunder love, Torture, Vocal Pharos, Weghevyll, Winnie the pooh, Wool, and Zarah.

Did You Know?

  • The most promising drummer was Danni-Daníel Þorsteinsso from Maus and the most promising guitarist was Biggi-Birgir Örn Steinarsson from Maus.
  • Orri Páll, drummer in Sigur rós, and Höskuldur Ólafsson, later in Quarashi, were in the band Wool.

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