Awards and prices

The prices that the winners of IME receive are as great as they are awesome. Music stores, recording studios and other companies, within the music industry, show their respect and support to the festival by donating generous prices. Without their support The IME would not be the important music venue that it is today.

Prices are given for firstsecond and third place. Special prices are given for the Best Instrument Players and Best Singer. The "Electric Brain" of the festival is awarded to the best electronic musician well as an acknowledgement is given for Original Lyrics in Icelandic. Public televoting chooses the Band of the People and a brand new award is given for The Bluesiest Band

Awards and prices 2020 are:

 (published with notice)

1. Place

  • 20 studio hours at studio Sundlaugin with engineer.
  • 20 hours of mix and mastering with Addi800 from Alda Music
  • The option of a record deal with Alda Music
  • Play at Iceland Airwaves festival.
  • Play at Aldrei fór ég suður festival.
  • Play at Secret Solstice.
  • 20.000 ISK at 12 Tónar.
  • Stipend from the Pétur Kristjánsson Memorial Fund.
  • Flights with Icelandair to partisipte in a project of Stage Europe Network.

2. Place

  • 20 studio hours at studio Gott Hljóð with engineer.
  • Play at Iceland Airwaves festival.
  • Play at Secret Solstice festival.
  • 15.000 ISK at 12 Tónar.

3. Place

  • 20 studio hours at studio Hljóðverk ehf. with engineer.
  • Play at Secret Solstice Music Festival.
  • 10.000 ISK at 12 Tónar.
  • Play at Iceland Airwaves festival.

Band of the People

Singer of IME

Guitarplayer of IME

Bassplayer of IME

Drummer of IME

Keyboardplayer of IME

The Electric Brain of IME

Acknowledgement for Original Lyrics in Icelandic

The Hardest Rocking Band

         To play at Eistnaflug Festival